Rapid Business Application Development

Garda Informatica Framework v3

Gone are the days when all companies in the same sector were doing more or less the same thing. Today the success of a business is closely linked to its uniqueness and the uniqueness of its workflows.

As a result, innovative companies are increasingly looking for software solutions tailored to follow their work processes. Solutions that can be modified over time to adapt to the changes of the company.

We as other software houses, receive always more frequently request to develop customized solutions. The time and cost of development are the key factors. The customer expects low costs and to wait a few months from request to delivery.

This raises the need to follow rapid development approaches that reduce time to market and costs.

In addition, over time the bar of requirements has risen. Until a few years ago “business software” was synonymous with desktop application and in the best of cases, client-server application. Nowadays “business software” is synonymous with web application used anywhere and on any device (smartphones, tablet devices and desktop computers).

This is also why the RAD tools (Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.) that have been successful in the 90’s are now obsolete.

So what alternatives has today a developer asked to develop business software in a short time?

Let’s see together.

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giWeather the meteo module for Joomla!

giWeather the meteo module for Joomla!

Some time ago we needed a module to show the weather forecast on a Joomla! site, but looking among those present in the extension directory we did not found any to our liking.

Basically we were looking for something that was inspired by the weather forecast of Google, to understand the one that pops up on top of search results if you try the keyword weather followed by the name of a city eg. weather London.

Not finding anything close we decided to develop it ourselves.

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How much does it costs a management software?

Soldi A question that should not be underestimated when considering the adoption of a new management software is: how much does it cost?

Of course we can not restrict to calculate the cost of only the licenses, but must also consider other factors that contribute to determining the TCO “Total Cost of Ownership”

How to organize media files in your web application

In case we are developing a web application that uses a MySQL database we should decide how to organize our media files.

The question that we should ask ourselves would be more or less as follows:

Images, PDFs, movies and sound files: where do I put them? In the database as a BLOB field or I keep them on the filesystem?

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