I wanted to sell my cakes online.

I managed to sell my first cake in Russia thanks to web designer at Garda Informatica.

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I wanted to sell my cakes online. I managed to sell my first cake in Russia thanks to web designer at Garda Informatica.
I wanted a web application to make estimates directly on site.

Web designers at Garda Informatica have created the app suited for my needs.

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I wanted a web application to make estimates directly on site. Web designers at Garda Informatica have created the app suited for my needs.
I wanted to create a community of artists.

Web developers of Garda Informatica helped me in reaching my goal.

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I wanted to create a community of artists. Web developers of Garda Informatica helped me in reaching my goal.
We have chosen

Garda Informatica
We have chosen Garda Informatica

In Italy we develop custom App, web applications and e-commerce

We create innovative, customized App, Web Application and E-Commerce.

Touch Screen Interfaces

We produce advanced touch interface designed to simplify the interaction between man and machine. The interfaces developed have the following advantages:

  • Intuitive and multilingual interfaces;
  • Interfaces designed for inserting data facilitated with the use of barcode readers;
  • Simplified interfaces that change depending on the context of the user;
  • Responsive web interfaces built with Ajax technology and frameworks designed for touch screens such as jQuery Mobile;

Multidevice App iOS/Android

We are promoters of the use of web technologies to build multi-device App.

  • We create multi-device Web App: Android (Samsung, Google, etc..), IOS (iPhone / iPad), Windows Phone (Nokia);
  • We realize Intuitive and Adaptive Interfaces that fit the resolution of the various devices: smartphone, tablet and PC;
  • We create Web Apps that integrate with the APIs and services of Google, Google Maps, MailChimp, MailUp, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, etc..
  • We create Web Apps that rely on a Cloud network infrastructure;

Social Networks and Social Game

We use the most widely used web technologies to create advanced and innovative social platforms.

  • We design and develop new ideas of social networks;
  • We use the most reliable technologies;
  • We make social games that are interactive games with social elements
  • We create web portals interconnected with other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+;


We develop E-commerce from scratch or by making changes to Open Source software.

  • The e-commerce developed are integrated with the PayPal payment system;
  • Maximum personalization of the user experience. Every e-commerce is custom designed based on the innovative reality of the Client;


Some solutions developed


Sportfai App iOS/Android

iOS/Android app for sport: friendly management, championship, statistics, calendar, rankings, messaging.
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Garda e-Service

Industry 4.0 Garda e-Service Android App

Android Enterprise Industry 4.0 App Designed for Field Data Acquisition and Integrated with Enterprise ERP.
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Bemap GIS Web Application

Bemap, the GIS Web App for easy access on the territory informations.
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iOS/Android/Windows Phone App Topvendit

iOS/Android App for the automotive industry designed as a CRM with customer registration, consultation of new and used pricing, asset management and negotiation.
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Landing Page Alfred My Hotel

Landing Page Alfred My Hotel

Website and landing page of the service Alfred My Hotel. Alfred My Hotel is a service of realization of smartphone App designed for the accommodation and hotels sectors.

App Alfred My Hotel

Tailor Made App: Alfred My Hotel

Alfred My Hotel is the App designed for the hotels. With Alfred customers always brings with them a piece of the Hotel. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone through their official store.

Sapiens Art

Sapiens Art Social Game

Sapiens is the first Art Visual Art Game, designed for Artists and Art Critics. Artists show their works to the community and the Critical gain confidence by expressing their opinions on the works.


VCard/Excel to Google Maps KML

Web Apps designed for the sales person who want to see their contacts on the map, taking them from an excel sheet or from the contacts;


All prices exclude VAT.


We are two brothers, software engineers, specialized in developing customized software solutions.
  • Lorenzo Chiodi

    Eng. Lorenzo Chiodi

    Position: Founder
    Fields of interest: management software, database, web, industrial automation.

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  • Giovanni Chiodi

    Eng. Giovanni Chiodi

    Position: Founder
    Fields of interest: algorithms, networks, operating systems, computer vision.

    Linkedin profile of Giovanni Chiodi

Why choose us

☑ We are transparent
Our offers are clear, there are no hidden charges and never generate surprises for the customer. We are just as we seem.

☑ We speak simple
Although technicians we are able to explain the concept more complex for those who are not technical.

☑ We communicate with clarity
Our emails are clear and concise. We do not waste your breath yet, nor neither the band nor do we waste time to our customers.

☑ We find efficient and effective solutions
Once the customer explained his problem we can find the best solution for him because we can think about all the possibilities and find the right balance between costs and benefits.

☑ We are professionals
Since we were 14 years old we eat computer science : ITIS Informatica, Computer engineering, Worked in major software houses, continuous updating.

☑ We are healthy
We live a regular life, sleep at least 7 hours a night, do not work more than 8 hours, we do not drink coffee, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, we are not overweight, we eat fruits, vegetables, and we exercise regularly.

☑ We are fast
We can deliver our solutions in a short time and in close contact with the customer who does not have to remain on hold on the phone, open ticket, expect answers: call us and talk with us directly.

☑ We are reliable
We plan always everything so you can safely handle high-risk situations: something does not go as it should? No problem , we had expected.

☑ We are a guarantee
Every euro spent on us is a euro well spent and that will produce a return on investment.

☑ We are economic
We demand the right for what we can deliver that, when compared to the rest of the market is quite cheap (we should not pay salaries managers, secretaries, clerks, commercial, consultants, etc.).

☑ We are informative
We transfer gladly to our customers all the knowledge and all the necessary materials so that they become autonomous: sharing is caring.

☑ We are objective
For every solution we propose Pros and Cons so that our customers can make an informed choice.

Why not choose us

☒ We do not go in a hurry
To do things properly takes time. Working in a hurry means working badly and we do not work badly.

☒ We do not follow trends
We tend to prefer technology mature and conservative choices to minimize the risks of our customers.

☒ We do not go around the world
We can meet in person to know and/or to define the progress of the project, but we carry the work from our office.

☒ We do not enter into other society
Our business is to develop software.

☒ We do not sign contracts
If you want tell us about your idea, but keep in mind that we don't sign NDA or contract with penalties.

☒ We don't give away our work
Our work takes time , commitment and dedication , and for this we can not offer discounts.

☒ We do not work without advance payment
From the micro to multinational we always ask a down payment.

☒ We do not accept payments beyond 60 days
Usually payments terms are 30 days, for some special cases 60, but not beyond.

☒ Do not do anything
The opinion of our customers is important , but we are professionals.

Customers / End Users

Our solutions are growing the business of the following Companies

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