I wanted customized solutions for my company.

Garda Informatica engineers have developed a vertical market software.

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I wanted customized solutions for my company. Garda Informatica engineers have developed a vertical market software.
I work in a vertical market and was looking for a specific software.

Garda Informatica engineers have met the expectations.

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I work in a vertical market and was looking for a specific software. Garda Informatica engineers have met the expectations.
I was looking for a customized management software on my needs.

Garda Informatica engineers have developed a tailor made vertical application.

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I was looking for a customized management software on my needs. Garda Informatica engineers have developed a tailor made vertical application.
We have chosen

Garda Informatica
We have chosen Garda Informatica

Vertical Market Software - Garda Informatica develop Custom Software and Applications tailor made


We develop custom software solutions with the following benefits:

  • simple, intuitive user interfaces with only the necessary and useful features. The terminology and the "spoken" language by the software are those in the field to which it is developed;
  • the software reflects the business flows and the unique characteristics of the business customer sector. This way it is not required staff training , does not require additional consultancy days to model the software and there are no expensive fees for annually assistance support;
  • the software that we developed evolves over time and follows the news. After the first release we are always available to make changes, additions or modifications.


The developed software are modern:

  • We use the best web technologies;
  • Over the years we have developed the cutting-edge tools that allow us to be quick in creating custom business software , while maintaining low costs of development;
  • Our software is multi-device and multi-platform . This means that can be used with any S.O. modern as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and also with many devices such as PC, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone
  • We use the best infrastructure of Cloud computing that give the characteristics of reliability , ruggedness and scalability to our software solutions;


The developed software can cover all customer needs in various ways:

  • you can choose to combine a vertical software with an horizontal solution ready for classic business billing and accounting management. In this scenario, in addition to developing the vertical software, we develop a software connector that has the task of integrating the vertical database software with the horizontal software DB. This solution is indicated when the budget is reduced or when the customer has already invested in a billing software that meets its needs.
  • alternatively you can choose to add directly into the vertical software all the functionality required. This scenario is particularly indicated when even billing activities, budgeting and so on are affected by the particularities of the industrial branch of the customer and so they too would benefit from a tailor-made solution.


Some solutions developed

Garda Ispezioni

Management Software for Verification/Inspection SC, SP and GVR equipement

Web software for the management of periodic inspections of SC, SP and GVR equipement.
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Garda Scadenze SMS

Management Software for the notification of deadlines with SMS

Web management software for the SMS notification of approaching deadlines for vehicle inspection. The deadlines can be entered manually or imported from excel file. For each SMS it is recorded the success or failure of the sending. The sending of SMS happens with an SMS gateway that guarantee the SMS delivery. Moreover through an administrative section, you can configure various types of text SMS.
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Garda Preventivi Carrozzeria

Automobile repair shop Management software

Web management designed for quick entry of estimates for hail damage. The software comes with fully customizable price lists, customer registration, brands and car models and user management.

Garda Preventivi Edili

Management software for the preparation of construction budgets

Software for the rapid estimation of quote in the building industry. The software includes materials and labor price list, print of budgets and final accounts, customer registration, personal suppliers, commissions for agents and user management.

Garda Spedizioni

Management software for Express Couriers

Management Software for the withdrawal request and the assignment of shipments to a courier company integrated with UPS, BRT, TNT.
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Garda OreTecnici

Detection of technicians activities

Solution for the detection of the activities of technicians, directly from Panel-PC installed in the workshop.

Garda Ubico

Warehouse Management

Integrated solution that enables the management of the warehouse directly from Panel-PC installed on forklifts.
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Garda GSSport

Management Software for Sport

Management Software for sports associations
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Per capire quanto può costare lo sviluppo di una soluzione personalizzata puoi utilizzare il tool seguente.
Seleziona la quantità degli elementi desiderati premendo sui bottoni add o remove oppure scegli tra gli esempi di elementi presenti nel menu in alto a destra di ogni scheda menu.
Nell'ultima scheda troverai i totali calcolati suddivisi per sviluppo, canoni, tempi.
Cliccando sul bottone contattaci il preventivo che hai fatto verrà copiato nel corpo del massaggio della form contatti.


Le griglie sono gli strumenti che ti consentono di visualizzare, filtrare, ordinare i dati organizzandoli per colonne (o campi) e righe (o record). Scopri di più...
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Le stampe sono gli strumenti che ti consentono di impaginare i dati per stamparli o presentarli in un formato professionale. Scopri di più...
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Le esportazioni sono gli strumenti che ti consentono di esportare i dati per elaborarli ad esempio con Excel o altri sistemi. Scopri di più...
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Le importazioni sono gli strumenti che ti consentono di popolare i dati del tuo applicativo a partire da fonti esterne come fogli Excel o altri sistemi. Scopri di più...
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Le integrazioni sono gli strumenti che ti consentono di far comunicare il tuo applicativo con sistemi hardware o software di terze parti.
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La funzionalità mobile consente alla tua Web Application di poter essere visualizzata sullo schermo di un tablet o di uno smartphone. Scopri di più...


La funzionalità app consente alla tua Web Application di poter essere impacchettata e pubblicata come App nativa per iOS/Android/Windows Phone sui rispettivi store. Scopri di più...


Il servizio di hosting consente alla tua Web Application di poter essere raggiunta su Internet ovunque ti trovi. Scopri di più...
  • Condiviso
  • 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB HD
  • 2 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 80 GB HD
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We are two brothers, software engineers, specialized in developing customized software solutions.
  • Lorenzo Chiodi

    Eng. Lorenzo Chiodi

    Position: Founder
    Fields of interest: management software, database, web, industrial automation.

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  • Giovanni Chiodi

    Eng. Giovanni Chiodi

    Position: Founder
    Fields of interest: algorithms, networks, operating systems, computer vision.

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Why choose us

☑ We are transparent
Our offers are clear, there are no hidden charges and never generate surprises for the customer. We are just as we seem.

☑ We speak simple
Although technicians we are able to explain the concept more complex for those who are not technical.

☑ We communicate with clarity
Our emails are clear and concise. We do not waste your breath yet, nor neither the band nor do we waste time to our customers.

☑ We find efficient and effective solutions
Once the customer explained his problem we can find the best solution for him because we can think about all the possibilities and find the right balance between costs and benefits.

☑ We are professionals
Since we were 14 years old we eat computer science : ITIS Informatica, Computer engineering, Worked in major software houses, continuous updating.

☑ We are healthy
We live a regular life, sleep at least 7 hours a night, do not work more than 8 hours, we do not drink coffee, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, we are not overweight, we eat fruits, vegetables, and we exercise regularly.

☑ We are fast
We can deliver our solutions in a short time and in close contact with the customer who does not have to remain on hold on the phone, open ticket, expect answers: call us and talk with us directly.

☑ We are reliable
We plan always everything so you can safely handle high-risk situations: something does not go as it should? No problem , we had expected.

☑ We are a guarantee
Every euro spent on us is a euro well spent and that will produce a return on investment.

☑ We are economic
We demand the right for what we can deliver that, when compared to the rest of the market is quite cheap (we should not pay salaries managers, secretaries, clerks, commercial, consultants, etc.).

☑ We are informative
We transfer gladly to our customers all the knowledge and all the necessary materials so that they become autonomous: sharing is caring.

☑ We are objective
For every solution we propose Pros and Cons so that our customers can make an informed choice.

Why not choose us

☒ We do not go in a hurry
To do things properly takes time. Working in a hurry means working badly and we do not work badly.

☒ We do not follow trends
We tend to prefer technology mature and conservative choices to minimize the risks of our customers.

☒ We do not go around the world
We can meet in person to know and/or to define the progress of the project, but we carry the work from our office.

☒ We do not enter into other society
Our business is to develop software.

☒ We do not sign contracts
If you want tell us about your idea, but keep in mind that we don't sign NDA or contract with penalties.

☒ We don't give away our work
Our work takes time , commitment and dedication , and for this we can not offer discounts.

☒ We do not work without advance payment
From the micro to multinational we always ask a down payment.

☒ We do not accept payments beyond 60 days
Usually payments terms are 30 days, for some special cases 60, but not beyond.

☒ Do not do anything
The opinion of our customers is important , but we are professionals.

Customers / End Users

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