I was looking for a way to extract the properties for sale by an online auction site.

Programmers of Garda Informatica have created a web crawler .

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I was looking for a way to extract the properties for sale by an online auction site. Programmers of Garda Informatica have created a web crawler .
We wanted to keep monitored an online auction site.

Engineers of Garda Informatica have created a web spider with notification.

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We wanted to keep monitored an online auction site. Engineers of Garda Informatica have created a web spider with notification.
I spent hours and hours manually transcribing the lists of my suppliers.

The programmers of Garda Informatica have made ​​an automated data extraction software.

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I spent hours and hours manually transcribing the lists of my suppliers. The programmers of Garda Informatica have made ​​an automated data extraction software.
We have chosen

Garda Informatica
We have chosen Garda Informatica

Development of web crawlers, web spiders and bots

We create automatic procedures of data mining:


We create the crawler that extracts information from the website of customer's interest and we execute it on our infrastructure . The customer gets directly the extracted data in the format they prefer, in this way you do not have to worry about server management, scheduling bots and all the technical aspects.

  • cloud computing technology : infrastructure scale based on the amount of web pages to be processed
  • sending the extracted data by email, with FTP upload or written directly to the database. On request we can also develop management software that allow an easy consultation of the extracted data with ability to insert notes, make changes , etc
  • the customer does not have to worry about the maintenance of the IT infrastructure
  • periodic extractions that can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • historicizing : you can always have the latest updated version of the extracted data on demand or you can keep historical data, or you can see how they have changed over time.


Crawlers made ​​by Garda Informatica are developed with the express purpose of working day and night in automatic mode.

  • defensive programming: in the creation of the crawler we make use of "defensive programming", we do not make assumptions about the correctness of the extracted data from websites. In fact, such data may be entered manually by someone without observing any constraints. Therefore any data extract is validated to ensure that only correct data are extracted.
  • fast: a crawler under normal conditions is capable of processing more than 20'000 pages in less than 8 hours. The speed of data extraction can be calibrated. It should be kept in mind that there is a tradeoff between speed of execution and the number of requests that are made ​​to the sites to be processed.
  • tireless: unlike humans crawlers or bots do not get tired, they endlessly repeat the same steps with the same rhythm.
  • supervised: crawlers made ​​by Garda Informatica are supervised by other software such watchdog who oversee the proper functioning of the crawler.

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence

Bots and crawlers designed by Garda Informatica include simple logic of artificial intelligence such as the recognition of dates written in various ways, pattern for phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc.

  • Headless: thanks to headless technology, bots are in effect programmable browsers whidout user interface. With this technology, a website can not know whether incoming requests are coming from a browser like Google Chrome operated by a human, or if requests are sent from a headless browser controlled by an artificial intelligence software.
  • Bots developed can surf websites with any kind of interaction. Can perform procedures such as login, form submit, paged navigation lists, search, etc.
  • The activities of web scraping act on any type of data. For example you can extract any text from a web page, download and save images, word documents, excel and any other type of file.
  • All types of web technologies: web spiders actually are browsers with no user interface, therefore are compatible with all web technologies both client side and server side such as: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, PHP, ASP, Java, etc.


Some solutions developed

Web Crawler Aste Giudiziarie Brescia-Bergamo-Milano

Brescia-Bergamo-Milano Judicial auctions Web Crawler

Fully automatic Web Crawler for the data extraction of real estate auction on a real estate auction portal specializing in the provinces of Brescia, Bergamo and Milan.
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Web Crawler Aste Tribunale Torino

Web Crawler Auctions Turin Court

Software for web scraping data of real estate auction posted on the portal of the court of Turin.

Soluzione Informatica Data Extraction Cremona-Mantova-Verona

Cremona-Mantova-Verona Judicial auctions Web Crawler

Fully automatic recovery and archiving of data of real estate auctions on a popular portal ads of real estate auction of the Cremona, Mantua, Verona provinces.

Gestionale Aste Immobiliari

Management Software of Real Estate Auctions

Management software for searching the data extracted from the portals of Real Estate Auctions. Through the software it possible to filter and search for properties of interest, you can also add notes to real estate in the archive.


All prices exclude VAT.
The cost of a data extraction software is divided into a development cost of the solution (one-off) and a cost of execution/data extraction billed monthly.


We are two brothers, software engineers, specialized in developing customized software solutions.
  • Lorenzo Chiodi

    Eng. Lorenzo Chiodi

    Position: Founder
    Fields of interest: management software, database, web, industrial automation.

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  • Giovanni Chiodi

    Eng. Giovanni Chiodi

    Position: Founder
    Fields of interest: algorithms, networks, operating systems, computer vision.

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Why choose us

☑ We are transparent
Our offers are clear, there are no hidden charges and never generate surprises for the customer. We are just as we seem.

☑ We speak simple
Although technicians we are able to explain the concept more complex for those who are not technical.

☑ We communicate with clarity
Our emails are clear and concise. We do not waste your breath yet, nor neither the band nor do we waste time to our customers.

☑ We find efficient and effective solutions
Once the customer explained his problem we can find the best solution for him because we can think about all the possibilities and find the right balance between costs and benefits.

☑ We are professionals
Since we were 14 years old we eat computer science : ITIS Informatica, Computer engineering, Worked in major software houses, continuous updating.

☑ We are healthy
We live a regular life, sleep at least 7 hours a night, do not work more than 8 hours, we do not drink coffee, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, we are not overweight, we eat fruits, vegetables, and we exercise regularly.

☑ We are fast
We can deliver our solutions in a short time and in close contact with the customer who does not have to remain on hold on the phone, open ticket, expect answers: call us and talk with us directly.

☑ We are reliable
We plan always everything so you can safely handle high-risk situations: something does not go as it should? No problem , we had expected.

☑ We are a guarantee
Every euro spent on us is a euro well spent and that will produce a return on investment.

☑ We are economic
We demand the right for what we can deliver that, when compared to the rest of the market is quite cheap (we should not pay salaries managers, secretaries, clerks, commercial, consultants, etc.).

☑ We are informative
We transfer gladly to our customers all the knowledge and all the necessary materials so that they become autonomous: sharing is caring.

☑ We are objective
For every solution we propose Pros and Cons so that our customers can make an informed choice.

Why not choose us

☒ We do not go in a hurry
To do things properly takes time. Working in a hurry means working badly and we do not work badly.

☒ We do not follow trends
We tend to prefer technology mature and conservative choices to minimize the risks of our customers.

☒ We do not go around the world
We can meet in person to know and/or to define the progress of the project, but we carry the work from our office.

☒ We do not enter into other society
Our business is to develop software.

☒ We do not sign contracts
If you want tell us about your idea, but keep in mind that we don't sign NDA or contract with penalties.

☒ We don't give away our work
Our work takes time , commitment and dedication , and for this we can not offer discounts.

☒ We do not work without advance payment
From the micro to multinational we always ask a down payment.

☒ We do not accept payments beyond 60 days
Usually payments terms are 30 days, for some special cases 60, but not beyond.

☒ Do not do anything
The opinion of our customers is important , but we are professionals.

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